Mining instrumentation must be able to withstand harsh operating environments, including contact with dust and abrasive or corrosive materials. Reliability is also critical for process control and maintaining a safe working environment. From ensuring minerals are ground to the appropriate size to filling containers for transportation, you need instrumentation that delivers accurate and consistent results.

We stock a wide range of ready-to-ship products from leading manufacturers and provide customer support and on-site service including start-up, product training, troubleshooting, maintenance and more. Our inventory of mining instruments includes:

  • Continuous Level and Point Level Instrumentation: Includes ultrasonic transmitters, magnetostrictive sensors, non-contact radar, rotating propeller paddle switches, RF capacitance probes, and vibrating fork devices for monitoring fill levels of liquids, solids, and slurries. Applications include wastewater treatment, liquid and sediment measurement during separation processes, pulp grade measurement during flotation, slurry flow monitoring, and fill level monitoring in tanks, silos, and transport vehicles.
  • Automation Control: We offer digital HMI displays, photoelectric sensors, inductive sensors, radio wireless instruments, and other devices for monitoring and controlling automated processes. These instruments are commonly used in conveyors, grinders, and other material handling equipment. Applications include monitoring mineral extraction processes, particle size measurement to prevent over-grinding and under-grinding, furnace door position monitoring, and data collection for quality control.
  • Pressure Gauges: Options include analog and digital gauges, pressure switches, transmitters, and transducers. Pressure gauges are also used to monitor pressure during coal processing and monitor machine performance. They help improve workplace safety by providing real-time pressure readings and sending alerts when pressure levels drop or rise beyond a set point.
  • Temperature Meters: Includes controllers, thermal imagers, RTD sensors and other devices used for temperature monitoring and control. These mining control instruments can improve machine performance and reduce personnel safety issues by providing high and low temperature warnings.

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