We cannot ignore the importance of maintaining a clean compressor ecosystem. This affects everything from air pressure and performance to energy efficiency and compressor lifespan.
Our engineers can work with you to develop a custom filtration solution that works for maximum efficiency and performance, as well as lower operating costs. Plus, this custom solution creates a built-in after-sales revenue stream for you.

Custom Filtration Solutions
Specially designed filters and air-oil separators that may be the solution you are looking for to maximize the performance and efficiency of your compressed air system. Donaldson is a leader in proprietary design and engineering with best-in-class prototyping, testing and manufacturing capabilities. Don't just build your compressor with stock parts that fit. Instead, design your compressor for peak performance and efficiency by working with Donaldson to meet your project goals. We can help design custom solutions to minimize pressure drops, reduce energy consumption, limit oil carryover, or simply meet specific space requirements.

End-to-end Filtration Coverage
Donaldson has you covered – for every filter and air-oil separator your compressor needs.